AC-DC Brick

AC-DC Brick

Cincon AC-DC brick power supplies, also called AC-DC brick converter, could be used in fanless and harsh environment where also requires the power supplies to be encapsulated in order to avoid dusts. The output power range starts from 70W to 750W. In addition, Cincon offers three types of AC-DC brick power supplies. The first is the CBM series which is the all-in-one version covering the EMI solution inside the power supply. The second type is the PDF series which is for the system engineers who want to have the EMI solution on their own. For the PDF series, Cincon also offers detailed application notes including the EMI solution guideline. The third category is PFC series, the power factor correction (PFC) module. The PFC series is suitable to be applied with high input voltage DC-DC converters for distributed power architectures.

ITE/Industrial Brick Power


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